History Of Bates Utility

George Bates was born on September 30, 1919, in the small town of Sullivan, Missouri. In 1925, his family moved to St. Louis where, like many families, they endured the Great Depression. On January 8, 1942, George married his high school sweetheart, Lorine Kamper. Two months later, he joined the Merchant Marine Service where he worked on ship engines for transport carriers that carried war supplies and equipment to England, during World War II. After World War II, George came back to St. Louis and went to work for E. J. Fisher Plumbing and Contract Company where he started off as a truck driver and rapidly advanced to the position of Superintendent of all sewer work. In 1970, he left E. J. Fisher and accepted the position of Vice-President of Construction for Affholder Boring & Tunneling. On April 28, 1978, at the age of 60, George started Bates Utility Company along with two partners: Dick Gastorf and Richard McBride of McBride & Sons Home Builders.

They ran their business from the office of McBride & Sons, located on Dorsett Road in Maryland Heights. Immediately joining forces with their father was Pat, Tom and Tim. Approximately one year later, Mike Bates became part of the team. After 5 years, George bought out his two partners and moved the office to Westline Industrial Park Drive in the Westport area, where it remained until the move on July 31, 1999, to its present location of Westwood Industrial Park Drive, Weldon Spring. George passed away on December 24, 1991. Since then, the sons have made a full time commitment to manage their father’s Company, and continue his vision of quality and excellence of workmanship.